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Our clients hire us for everything from one-time writing projects to ongoing strategic content work. Whether you're an agency or an in-house marketing team, here are five reasons to let us do the writing:

1. It will get done on schedule.
Long-term writing projects languish when the in-house team gets diverted to a last-minute PowerPoint slide or sales report. While you’re putting out fires, we’re focused on meeting the deadline.

2. You need a specialist, not a generalist.
The success of your entire campaign rests on the quality of that white paper. Trust it to someone who specializes in writing them.

3. You’ll have the A Team.
While executives meet with clients, it’s often a junior copywriter who takes the first pass at a white paper or case study. Our writers are the executives—with 25 years of experience defining audiences, researching statistics, interviewing sources, and crafting compelling copy.

4. Outsourcing maximizes your time.
Trying to decide which services to outsource? Writing projects are the most time-consuming. How many other tasks can you accomplish with the 80-plus hours we’ll spend on your white paper?

5. We know what makes your company special.
An outside perspective is invaluable for developing your unique selling proposition. Every business brags about its stellar customer service and product reliability—we’ll ask the right questions to elicit what’s truly special about working with your company.




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