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These are kind of our specialty.

It’s hard to find the sweet spot between education and marketing. Too much sales, and your white paper reads like a product brochure. Too much education, and you’ve got a graduate thesis. 


We’ll help you get it right. 


Using journalism techniques, we’ll uncover perspectives that are unique to your company and establish your team as thought leaders in your industry. We’re experts at capturing your voice and passion to create authentic long-form content that sounds like you.


Your white paper will serve as pillar content for months of lead generation, as well as feed numerous smaller assets that can be used to engage customers at all stages of the funnel. Our process delivers the strongest foundation for your content campaigns.

"Marnie’s white papers generated nearly double the number of leads clients typically receive—and in record time. This is a great indication that the message and content were well-received and an area of need in the industry.”

—Tara Sullivan, Account Executive, Modern Healthcare

How do we do it?


We shared our tips recently with the HITMC healthcare IT marketing community. Read this article to learn more about our white paper philosophy and process.

Sample White Papers

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