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We do the stuff you don't have time to do. Really well.

Consistency is key for blogging and social media—but so is quality. The early days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Now, businesses have to contribute meaningfully to industry conversations in order to rise above the noise.


You may not realize it, but you already know what you want to say to your community. Our efficient interview process makes it easier for you to say it. We gather your thoughts and industry insights to maintain a steady stream of new blog and social media posts. That strong online presence supports all your marketing goals, from public relations to lead generation. 

"Marnie knows how to manage a project seamlessly and can anticipate needs before they even come to mind. She also combines top-notch writing and editing skills along with an in-depth knowledge of social media."

—Chris Ohmer, Marketing Director, Cincinnati Magazine

How do we do it?


Our healthcare blog posts are featured all over the web, but we can’t share them here—they’re ghostwritten for various executives.


If there’s a specific short-form style or voice you’d like to see, please ask! Or, you can start with our own blog to get a feel for our personal style. 


Short-Form Writing Samples


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