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Messaging Pyramid Infographic

Marketing Funnel, meet the Message Pyramid


What your sales team wants to say doesn’t always match what your prospects are ready to hear.


We’re your translators, experts at communicating meaningfully with your clients at all stages of the buyer’s journey. We create assets that serve up the right content, to the right prospect, at the right time.


Webinar Slides and Scripts

Webinar development is not just about writing slides, it’s about putting the information in the right order. The typical delegation approach to webinar development can lead to disjointed sections that don’t deliver what was promised in the abstract. (You’ve attended those webinars—you know what we’re talking about.) We take complicated topics and teach them with crystal-clear organization and easy-to-follow messaging arcs. Your attendees will actually learn something.



How many times have you opted to “update” that brochure instead of giving it a full refresh? We’ll review this cornerstone asset with a fresh eye, reminding you what’s special about your company and what your prospects should be reading first.


Case Studies

Our journalism skills shine in this medium. We’ll interview your clients and project managers to tell the story of how your team achieved a critical goal for your client. There’s no better sales pitch than success.



Think bite-sized pieces. Your prospects simply can’t absorb everything about your product at once. A schedule of well-designed one-sheets give your prospects time to digest, which improves their overall comprehension of your product. We can help you design a complete package—use them in email drip campaigns, or provide them to sales reps to use as key touchpoints.



The art of the profile is communicating who you are and what makes you different. If your business profile currently includes something like “enjoys hiking and spending time with family,” you’re missing the mark.

“Marnie Hayutin is, hands down, the best healthcare content writer around. I have brought her in to work her magic for several clients, and they have always been delighted with her work. She can take the driest topic and create [assets] you can’t wait to read. And, as a journalist, her range allows her to go beyond the usual marketing collateral.”


   —Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT, President of Michelle Marketing Strategies

How do we do it?


We speak at conferences and coach other marketers on how to write more effective marketing content. Crafted from a recent presentation, this article shows a little of what makes our writing different.

Sample Assets

Educational Content Marketing:

The Digital Health Revolution

Female Health Today

Simplifying a Complex Topic:

Caring for Concussions

Business Profile:

Halunen Law

Case Study:

Big Clinical Data in the OR

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