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We're currently working with several Fortune 100 companies on behalf of our agency clients. We collaborate as members of the agencies' teams—our clients manage their own relationships, and we provide the writing behind the scenes. As far as your clients are concerned, we're on your staff.

Our healthcare expertise allows us to quickly get up to speed on products and services, so it's easy to add us to various client teams. Meanwhile, we free up agency bandwidth so the rest of the team can focus on strategy and campaign execution.

Our agencies love that they can call on us as needed without the commitment of hiring a full-time writer.


We work with companies of all sizes, from tech startups to the healthcare divisions of global companies. Outsourcing content creation is a no-brainer for in-house marketing teams at all points along the spectrum.


While we spend a focused week writing a white paper, our clients can accomplish countless strategic tasks that move their organizations forward. 


"Marnie Hayutin is, hands down, the best healthcare content writer around. I have brought her in to work her magic for several clients and they have always been delighted with her work. She can take the driest topic and create blog posts and white papers that you cannot wait to read. And, as a journalist, her range allows her to go beyond the usual marketing collateral. With one project, she wrote a series of guides for a non-profit that helped parents of children with a rare disease. Those guides not only got record-high download numbers, they also attracted attention from all over the world. The non-profit was thrilled and the parents got information they couldn't access anywhere else. Marnie is a gem. If you get the chance to work with her, thank your lucky stars and do it.

—Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT, President of Michelle Marketing Strategies

"Marnie's white papers generated nearly double the number of leads clients typically receive—and in record time. This is a great indication that the message and content were well-received and an area of need in the industry."


—Tara Sullivan, Account Executive, Modern Healthcare


"Working with Marnie has always been a pleasure because she is quick to understand, easy to communicate with and exceptionally organized. Her ability to efficiently manage work and collaborate with our team made all our projects a breeze."

—Andrew DuPrat, Web Strategist, New Breed Marketing

“The white papers and eBooks Marnie produced for us generated thousands of high-quality leads over the course of several campaigns. She understands how to provide valuable content for our potential customers while still meeting our marketing needs. That balance can be difficult to achieve.”


—Mark Cittadino, Vice President of Clinical Communication, Doc Halo

"Marnie was an excellent contact to have, and everyone she interacted with at New Breed felt the same way. She was extremely helpful in building content that was educational, captivating and well-optimized for visitors. On top of always being prepared, well-spoken, and engaged, Marnie was a true pleasure to work with."


—Everett Ackerman, SEO Strategist, New Breed Marketing

“Cincinnati Magazine has had a long and gratifying relationship with Marnie Hayutin. She continues to provide content for our clients, special sections, and custom publications that is meticulously researched and presented in compelling and creative ways. Whether it’s a piece on innovations in health care or the latest trends in home and garden, she remains my go-to writer to deliver excellent content that’s accurate, well-written, and on-time.”


—Sue Goldberg, Editor, Cincinnati HOME and Creative Services, Cincinnati Magazine

"Marnie's expertise in content marketing has secured our position as thought leaders in our industry and provided us with a steady stream of sales leads. I was impressed with how quickly she became an expert on our market."

—Brian Sullivan, Chief Product Designer, Doc Halo

“Marnie knows how to manage a project seamlessly and can anticipate needs before they even come to mind. She also combines top-notch writing and editing skills along with an in-depth knowledge of social media.”


—Chris Ohmer, Marketing Director, Cincinnati Magazine


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