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Writer's Ed digital writing education - marketing communications - Hayutin Creative

Become an expert digital writer in 30 easy email lessons!

Believe it or not, good writing is a completely teachable skill. After two decades of teaching college journalism and working as a professional writer, I can assure you that it's less about talent and more about following some simple rules of clear communication.

This email course is a collection of 30 detailed lessons that will teach you all aspects of blogging and digital writing—from crafting compelling leads, to organizing your information, to the right way to use a semicolon. Whether your goal is to publicize your small business or to become a thought leader in your industry, these are the tools that will get you there.

What's different about Writer's Ed? These are not musings about how to set up your work space or where to get topic ideas. Each email offers real strategies you can employ immediately to put words on the page in the right order. For extra help along the way, you'll have free access to the Writers Ed closed Facebook group, where you can ask questions and join the discussion.

About the Instructor

Marnie Hayutin is a former journalist and journalism instructor at Northern Kentucky University. She holds both a BSJ and MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. As founder of Hayutin Creative, she specializes in content marketing, helping businesses develop all types of written materials that resonate meaningfully with their clients. Her expertise is in helping clients become thought leaders in their industries.

View Marnie's writing samples and LinkedIn profile.

Start Your E-Course

Please complete the two-step process. Click Buy Now to purchase the course via PayPal for $39.95. Then, please return here to fill out the form below and provide the email address where you'd like to receive your e-course.

You'll receive the first email lesson within 24 hours of purchasing below. A new lesson will be delivered to your inbox each day. (Please check your spam folder for the first one, just in case.)

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